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The Point, Dublin

Secret Garden ENTRIES



Mary Kennedy



Hurrah! Eurovision's 40th birthday and we were treated to a collage of old clips. This was to be repeated in a more random way in 2000, but this first one was ordered chronologically and certainly stirred some memories, although RTE decided to zip through 1981 to 1986 at a rate of knots and ignore 1983 (admittedly when they did not take part) altogether.

There has been so much agonizing over the years about the language rule, and yet in 1995 Norway were allowed to enter what was basically an instrumental.  Now I think personally that over the years Norway has been down-voted more than anyone, but "Nocturne" had a built-in advantage over the "songs" in the contest and should have never been allowed to enter.

The United Kingdom overhauled it's selection procedure this year and came up with some real, semi-credible pop songs. The winner was the rap song "Love City Groove" by the group of the same name, and they did well enough to inspire future rap attempts by Denmark in 1997 and Germany (sort-of) in 2000.

Poland  Sama  Justyna 18
Ireland Dreamin'  Eddie Friel  14
Germany  Verliebt In Dich  Stone & Stone 23
Bosnia Dvadeset Prvi Vijek  Davor Popovic 19
Norway Nocturne  Secret Garden 1
Russia Kolybelnaya Vulkanu Philipp Kirkorov 17
Iceland Núna Bo Halldórsson  15
Austria Die Welt Dreht Sich Verkehrt Stella Jones 13
Spain Vuelve Conmigo  Anabel Conde 2
Turkey Sev Arzu Ece 16
Croatia Nostalgija Magazin & Lidija 6
France Il Me Donne Rendez-Vous Nathalie Santamaria 4
Hungary Új Név Egy Régy Ház Falán Csaba Szigeti 22
Belgium La Voix Est Libre Fréderic Etherlinck 20
United Kingdom Love City Groove Love City Groove 10
Portugal Baunilha E Chocolate Tó Cruz 21
Cyprus Sti Fotiá  Alex Panayi 9
Sweden Se Pĺ Mig  Jan Johansen 3
Denmark Fra Mols Til Skagen Aud Wilken 5
Slovenia Prisluhni Mi Darja Švajger 7
Israel Amen Liora  8
Malta Keep Me In Mind Mike Spiteri 10
Greece Piá Prosséfhi Elina Konstantópoulou 12


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Jacques Chirac is elected President of France.