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The Point, Dublin

Harringon & McGettigan ENTRIES



Cynthia Ni Mhurchu

Gerry Ryan


Estonia, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary, Russia, Poland

This contest saw a cataclysmic shift in emphasis as a phalanx of new entrants from Eastern Europe were allowed in at the expense of the countries finishing bottom. It's ironic from a year 2000 perspective that the countries that did least well of these were the Baltic ones, Estonia sending what sounded like a 1970s Finnish entry stuck in a time capsule and Lithuania a guy who looked like a refugee from a leather bar. On the other hand, Poland and Hungary finished in the top 4 but have not come close since.

Interest in Russia was so low that the selection took place on a low-key, late-night music show. The video clip was extremely amateurish too; watch it carefully and Youddiph's head momentarily disappears in mid verse behind a prop. Even so, I had a sneaking regard for the melody. I rang the poll for the OGAE UK magazine and was met with sniggering incredulity when I allotted my douze to Russia. Then the big night: the arrangement, the frock, the whole performance. Yes and don't forget this is the largest country in the whole world here, taking part in Eurovision!. Well, it finished 9th which was good enough for me, and I still love it to bits.

The presentation by RTE was a mixture of the sublime and the ridiculous: the former including a fabulous "city skyline" backdrop and of course the legendary "Riverdance" interval act that became a 90s cultural phenomenon; the latter epitomized by the truly awful Gerry Ryan who seemed hell-bent on out Toto-ing Toto. His command of the French language was bizarre to say the least: "doo pwang!"  

Sweden Stjärnorna Marie Bergman & Roger Pontare 13
Finland Bye Bye Baby  Cat Cat 22
Ireland  Rock 'n' Roll Kids Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan 1
Cyprus  Ime Anthropos Ke Ego  Evridiki 11
Iceland  Nćtur  Sigga  12
United Kingdom  We Will Be Free (Lonely Symphony)  Frances Ruffelle 10
Croatia  Nek'ti Bude Ljubav Sva  Toni Cetinski  16
Portugal  Chamar A Música Sara Tavares  8
Switzerland  Sto Pregando   Duilio 19
Estonia  Nagu Merelaine  Silvi Vrait  24
Romania  Dincolo De Nori  Dan Bittman 21
Malta  More Than Love  Moira & Chris 5
Netherlands  Waar Is De Zon  Willeke Alberti 23
Germany Wir Geben 'ne Party  Mekado 3
Slovakia  Neconecná Piesen Martin Durinda & Tublatanka 19
Lithuania Lopšine Mylimaj  Ovidijus Vyšniauskas  25
Norway Duett  Elisabeth Andreasson & Jan Werner Danielsen  6
Bosnia Ostani Kraj Mene   Alma & Dejan 15
Greece To Trehantiri  Costas Bigalis & The Sea Love 14
Austria  Für Den Frieden Der Welt  Petra Frey 17
Spain Ella No Es Ella Alejandro Abad 18
Hungary Kinek Mondjam El Vétkeimet  Friderika  4
Russia Vrecchni Strannik Youddiph 9
Poland  To Nie Ja  Edyta Górniak  2
France  Je Suis Un Vrai Garçon  Nina Morato 7


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